A white collar criminal charge can change your life. While these crimes often do not seem as serious because they do not involve physical harm to an individual, the federal government takes this type of criminal activity very seriously. Insurance fraud is a type of white collar crime and often brings a federal charge, and if you are facing these charges, you would be wise to learn more about what you are up against.

Insurance fraud happens when someone files a claim that is actually false or exaggerates the services provided. Individuals can face insurance fraud charges, as can health care entities. The individual accused of this crime allegedly sought compensation for medical needs that never actually occurred. This is a type of theft, and while it may seem like a victimless crime, penalties can result in years behind bars.

What counts as insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud counts as an act committed with the intent of getting improper payment from the insurance company. Both individuals and health care providers can commit this type of fraud by filing false or inflated claims. There are two main types of insurance fraud, and they include: 

  • Soft insurance fraud – This type of insurance fraud involves telling small lies or include small intentional errors in an insurance claim in order to get more money from the insurance company. Even minor fraud is still fraud.
  • Hard insurance fraud – This type of insurance fraud happens when someone deliberately fakes an accident or other reason to file a fraudulent claim to collect money from the insurance company. 

If you are facing accusations of insurance fraud, you would be wise to take your situation seriously. In order to convict you of these crimes, the prosecution would have to prove that you knowingly made a false statement or took money based on a false statement from the insurance company.

A strong defense for you

It is possible to effectively confront insurance fraud charges with the help of an experienced California defense attorney. If you are under investigation or are already facing charges, it is smart to move ahead with seeking the legal counsel you need.

Your future is worth protecting. Regardless of what you think about your case, the prosecution will work quickly, and so should you. The conviction of a federal charge will alter the course of your life, but you can fight back and work to protect your interests and your personal freedom.