Crime occurs every day. Traffic violations are probably the most frequent infractions. However, more serious crimes occur all the time, too. One area of crime that you may notice has not been as prevalent in the past decade is white collar crime. Just because the California news is not reporting these crimes or prosecutors are not pursuing them, does this mean they are decreasing?

The Crime Report does back up the fact that statistics show a decrease in white collar crime. It has been on this downward path since the middle of the Obama administration and is still dropping. However, it is not wise to believe that because cases are going down in number that these crimes are not occurring at the same rate.

Of course, there is no proof, but there have been plenty of accusations of wrongdoing, especially right after the financial troubles of 2008. So, it does not seem like the actually crimes are not happening. It just seems they are not being prosecuted.

This shows a shift from the years of Bush and Clinton when they took hard stances against corporate greed and financial crimes. Under Obama and Trump, regulations loosened and investigations reduced. It shows different priorities for the most recent administrations.

There is also another aspect that could be causing the drop in white collar crime prosecutions. The Department of Justice has seen a bit of a turnover in employees. Often employees move between private employers and the government. So, there may also be fear from those in government positions who do not want to go after potential future employers. This information is for education and is not legal advice.