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We can't always believe our lyin' eyes

"Yes, I will never forget his face," the eyewitness said as they identified the assailant who pulled the trigger, ending the victim's life. This is a scene out of a book by Jed S. Rakoff titled "Our Lying Eyes." Novels, movies and television programs show these pivotal courtroom scenes where the entire case comes to light and the guilty party is brought to justice. In these programs, it makes it seem like justice is so simple - black and white. But when it comes to eyewitness accounts, it isn't.  

What is securities fraud?

Fraud is a crime in which one person knowingly makes a false statement in order to gain something of value, and another person acts in reliance on that bad information. The harm lies in the reliance. If someone makes a false statement but no one acts on it, there's no crime to prosecute.

SEC claims two cryptocurrency companies were a pyramid scheme

People accused of a federal crime have the right to a jury trial, so that they can defend themselves and argue against the prosecution's presentation of the evidence. But in many financial crime cases, this evidence can be difficult for the average federal judge to understand, to say nothing of the average juror.

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